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Keynote Address - From the Coordinators´ Desk - Preface - Acknowledgements  pdflogo


1. Challenges of an interactive environment in the context of developing countries in sub-saharan Africa 1-12
Ms. Kay Raseroka pdflogo

2. A constitutional upgrading of the libraries and the internet 13-16
Mikael Book pdflogo

3. Open source systems in the library and on the net 17-22
E. Rama Reddy pdflogo

4. Growth and development of public library system in India with special reference to Karnataka 23-28
B. D. Kumbar pdflogo

5. Civic intelligence descriptive model 29-32
Doug Schuler pdflogo

6. Civic intelligence discussion 33-39
Doug Schuler pdflogo

7. Alternative knowledge formation 40-43
Sangayya S. Sirurmath pdflogo

8. Right to information 44-53
Ravinder Kumar Chadha pdflogo

9. Information literacy and capability building 54-57
C. R.Karisiddappa pdflogo

10. Democratization of information: Information literacy 58-60
Mirja Ryynanen pdflogo

10. Information literacy and capability building: Issues, Challenges and Strategies 61-66
D. V. Singh pdflogo

12. Library paradigm : Library power: with special reference to Indian academic libraries 67-79
Pandey S. K. Sharma pdflogo

13 Rapporteur General�s report 80-89
B. S. Kademani pdflogo

14. List of participants 90-91 pdflogo


15. Report of the Plenary session at D-16, WSF Venue, Goregaon. [19th January, 2004] 92-95
Mikael Böök pdflogo

16. List of participants 96-96 pdflogo
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